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Cajohns Moruga Madness Hot Sauce is sure to take your taste buds on a wild ride. Featuring the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, one of the hottest chilies in the world, with a Scoville heat rating of over 2 million units, this chili packs a punch. Cajohns has managed to capture its heat and flavor in this delicious hot sauce. The label art, created by Mike Martin, adds to the overall experience of enjoying this hot sauce. It is a beautifully designed label that looks great on any table or in any collection.


Vinegar, Trinidad moruga scorpion chiles, sugar, salt, garlic, black pepper, chile caribe, trinidad moruga powder, lemon extract, spices.

Heat Rating Heat Rating: 7
Pepper Scorpion Pepper
Gluten Free Not Gluten Free
Kosher Not Kosher
Volume 5.00
Calories 0.00
Total Sugar 0.00
Total Carbohydrates 0.00
Total Protein 0.00
Saturated Fat 0.00
Total Fat 0.00