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Lethal Ingestion Jolokia Hot Sauce is truly worthy of its name! It is made from a unique blend of Red Savina, Fatalii, and Bhut Jolokia chiles. This hot sauce is the world's hottest non-extract hot sauce. It is recommended to use only one small drop per large food item. Unlike other hot sauces, Lethal Ingestion does not contain any Oleoresin capsicum.


Fatalii Chiles, Red Savina Chiles, Bhut Jolokia Chiles, Vinegar

Heat Rating Heat Rating: 10
Pepper Ghost Pepper/Jolokia
Gluten Free Not Gluten Free
Kosher Not Kosher
Volume 1.70
Calories 8.00
Total Sugar 0.00
Total Carbohydrates 13.95
Total Protein 0.00
Saturated Fat 13.95
Total Fat 8.00